Gilmour is one of the oldest gardening brands in the United States with an extensive offering of reliable and precise watering tools. Nelson has remained a trusted watering brand for over 100 years, with an extensive offering of durable, easy-to-use tools.

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Nelson & Gilmour identity

Gilmour delivers sure, smart solutions for watering and cleaning. With simple and intuitive products, Gilmour offers optimal control and a carefree performance. Exceptional design and durable materials stand up to the task, season after season. Pioneer in irrigation since 1911, Nelson’s thoughtfully designed portfolio caters to all watering needs with a deep understand of the desires driving consumers’ choices today.

Saving water

Nelson, the first sprinkler manufacturer in the US, is committed to precise watering and conserving natural resources. New innovative watering solutions help preserve water especially in areas where droughts are a common occurrence.