Extra dividend
The Extraordinary General Meeting of Fiskars Corporation has today
approved the proposal by the Board of Directors to pay an extra
dividend for the financial period that ended on December 31, 2003. An
extra dividend of EUR 1.00 per A share and EUR 0.98 per K share,
approximately a total of EUR 55.0 million, will be paid.

The extra dividend will be paid to shareholders registered in the
company’s shareholders’ register maintained by the Finnish Central
Securities Depository Ltd. on the record day December 9, 2004. The
date of payment is December 17, 2004 in accordance with the exemption
granted by the Finnish Central Securities Depository Ltd.

Bonus issue
The Extraordinary General Meeting decided to increase the company’s
share capital from EUR 55,364,430 to EUR 77,510,200 through a bonus
share issue. Under the bonus issue, two (2) new A shares will be
issued for each five (5) existing A shares and two (2) new K shares
will be issued for each five (5) existing K shares, i.e. altogether
15,698,426 new A shares and 6,447,344 new K shares. The calculatory
nominal value of each share is EUR 1.00/share.

The right to receive new shares under the bonus issue shall belong to
the shareholders listed in the company’s shareholder’s register on the
record date, i.e. December 9, 2004. The new shares will be entered
directly in the book-entry account of the shareholder on or about
December 10, 2004 provided that the increase in share capital has been
entered in the Trade Register.

The new shares carry full dividend rights for the financial year
beginning January 1, 2004 but thus not for the extra dividend for the
financial year 2003 that was decided by the Extraordinary General
Meeting today. The shares will carry the other shareholder rights in
the company from the date of registration of the increase of share

The maximum number of subscription rights that is wholly divisible by
the number required for subscription will be registered on the book-
entry account of the shareholders. Fiskars Corporation will, in
accordance with Section 16 of Chapter 3a of the Finnish Companies Act,
sell the remainder of the subscription rights in public trading for
the account of the shareholders and pay the shareholders the monetary
consideration obtained from the sale on or about December 17, 2004.

Shares not transferred to book-entry securities system
The Extraordinary General Meeting decided that the shares on a common
book-entry securities account, consisting of shares not transferred to
the book-entry securities system as well as of shares that have not
been claimed in the bonus issues of 1995 and 1999, in total 33,102 A
shares and 8,766 K shares, be sold for the account of their owners.
The Extraordinary General Meeting authorised the Board of Directors to
take the necessary measures required by the decision.

Heikki Allonen
President & CEO