Responsible water usage

We are committed to using water responsibly and sustainably. Our production sites have different needs for water, depending on the products they produce and the technological solutions in use. We carefully monitor our water usage and have set ambitious site-specific goals to make sure we don't waste this precious natural resource.

Saving water

We are committed to minimizing and optimizing the use of water in our operations. Especially our water-intense manufacturing units have robust water saving goals to make sure we don’t waste water 

In our production, water is mostly needed for cooling, heating, and washing. The amount of water needed differs between our production sites and depends on the type of products we create and the technological solutions we have in place.  

Wherever possible, we recycle water to minimize the need for water intake. Used water is treated to meet all regulatory requirements before being safely discharged. We do not operate in high water stress areas. We make every effort to ensure our water usage does not negatively impact the communities and environments in which we operate.  


Responsible water usage in our manufacturing units

Water utilization differs between our production sites and depends on the intended end products and available technological solutions. Our manufacturing units and distribution centers carefully monitor and report their water usage.

We use water mainly for cooling, heating, and washing. Used water is recycled at our sites whenever possible to minimize water intake. As an example, our manufacturing unit PT Doulton in Indonesia was able to reduce its ground water usage by 8% in 2021, compared to the previous year