Energy efficiency

We believe in using less energy by continuously monitoring our energy usage and by applying innovative new solutions wherever possible. We are tracking the everyday energy efficiency of our manufacturing units and distribution centers, and we work together with our suppliers to implement improvements wherever possible.

We work to identify energy efficiency opportunities, and to introduce low carbon or carbon neutral energy sources. We are measuring our impact throughout the value chain, and work with our partners and suppliers to minimize our CO2 emissions. 

In 2020, we saved 627 tons in CO2 with our energy and emission saving activities. For example, our Iittala glass manufacturing unit in Finland optimized their burners to save natural gas and minimize emissions. 

Since 2018, we have saved a total of 15,177 MWh. Multiple facilities have installed LED lighting. Our Gerber manufacturing unit in Portland, Oregon implemented the Portland’s Energy Trust’s Strategic Energy Management Program to save electricity and improve efficiency. They provide tools and education for saving energy, and the Gerber team has already implemented several actions with the Program’s support. As another example, our Iittala glass manufacturing unit in Finland saves natural gas by reusing their waste glass.