Engaging suppliers

We understand that our responsibility is not limited to our own manufacturing units and distribution centers. We actively engage with our suppliers and logistics partners, and in addition to our own operations, we report on emissions from transportation and business travel also.

In 2020, we set ourselves science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to closely monitoring and improving our own operations, we are committed to making sure that 60% of our suppliers by spend providing purchased goods and services, will have science-based targets by 2024. To help achieve this, we train our suppliers on reducing emissions and support them in setting science-based targets.

We also engage our raw material, component, and finished goods suppliers to set science-based targets for their Scope 1 and 2 emissions at minimum. We train our suppliers on reducing emissions and support them in setting science-based targets. We were recognized as a 2021 Supplier Engagement Leader by CDP. This recognition has been granted for our efforts to measure and reduce climate risk within our supply chain.

In addition to our own operations, we are reporting of emissions from transportation and business travel. We have been collecting emissions data directly from transportation service providers since 2019. We constantly seek to identify opportunities to optimize our transportation models.