Renewable energy

Our operations require energy. Luckily, there are alternatives to old carbon intensive energy resources. We are switching to renewable energy across our value chain wherever possible. Solar energy, for example, takes us further towards carbon neutrality.

We actively seek for innovative new ways to meet our operations energy requirements with renewable sources.  

We use renewable electricity in all our manufacturing units and distribution centers in seven countries (Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, and the U.K.). In 2021, we purchased a total of 224 TJ of certified renewable electricity, verifying that the purchased energy is indeed produced from renewable sources, such as hydroelectric power, wind power, and bioenergy. In total, 71% of the electricity we purchased in 2021 was from renewable sources. We are actively looking for opportunities to expand renewable energy purchases and utilization to other locations. In 2021, we installed solar panels on the roof of the distribution hall at our distribution center in Hämeenlinna, Finland. In addition, we have solar panels installed at our Royal Copenhagen manufacturing unit in Thailand, and at our distribution center in Wall, New Jersey, U.S.A. A total of 10 TJ of electricity was produced with solar power across the Fiskars Group worldwide, saving 1,320 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.