Fair and equal workplace

Fiskars Group is an equal opportunity employer. We believe diversity in our workforce is essential to a successful business. We condemn any form of racism and discrimination. We support and stand with those who speak out and seek justice. ​

We believe in values-based leadership. We support our leaders and managers in creating an environment where people feel appreciated and safe, and inspired to do their best.

Different people have different preferences when it comes to learning. Our learning portfolio offers various opportunities to learn on the job, through mentoring programs and by attending formal learning. We seek to promote internal talent whenever possible and offer meaningful career paths to our people.

We monitor our HR data to identify and address any discrepancies between different demographics when it comes to career progression and pay, for example.

In partnership with a trusted service provider, we offer our employees a secure and anonymous channel to report any grievances related to misconduct or unethical behavior, should they not feel comfortable addressing these directly with their managers.