FISKARS CLARIFIES CORPORATE STRUCTURE                                           

As part of the significant structural changes Fiskars has done over the past    
four years, it continues to clarify its corporate structure. The operations have
been streamlined and made more coherent through divestments and acquisitions,   
the most significant of which has been the acquisition of Iittala Group in      
August 2007. At the same time, the Corporation has closed down less profitable  
production capacity and increased outsourcing.                                  

From the beginning of 2008, Mr. Kari Kauniskangas takes over as new President   
and CEO of Fiskars Corporation.                                                 

While branded consumer goods have clearly become the company's core business,   
there is also a desire to clarify other areas of the Corporation and find new   
ways of developing them. As part of this process, Fiskars Corporation has sold  
8.5 million of its Wärtsilä A shares and 6.5 million Wärtsilä B shares to its   
wholly-owned Swedish subsidiary, Avlis AB. The shares sold to Avlis AB represent
15.6% of Wärtsilä stock and 29.7% of votes. Avlis AB is already the parent      
company of Iittala Group and Silva. The Fiskars consolidated ownership in       
Wärtsilä (16.5% of shares, 32.2% of votes) remains the same despite the sale of 
the shares, and the sale will not impact on Fiskars consolidated results for    
2007. As before, a significant part of Fiskars net profit will be the           
Corporation's share of the Wärtsilä net profit.                                 

With these changes Fiskars corporate structure is clarified and each business   
division can be developed in the most appropriate way. The new structure will   
also help to react fast to the changes and opportunities during increased       
uncertainty on the world market. This change is also part of the transition from
the previous holding company structure to a clearly operational company         

The above changes are the first step towards an organizational restructuring    
that will be announced in the first quarter of 2008.                            

Fiskars will publish its Financial Results for 2007 on February 14, 2008. The   
outlook remains unchanged since the January-September interim report, which was 
released on November 1, 2007.                                                   

Kaj-Gustaf Bergh                                                                
Chairman of the Board                                                           

For further information: Kaj-Gustaf Bergh  tel. +358 40 524 7730.               

Founded in 1649, Fiskars ( is an international corporation which 
includes the subsidiaries Fiskars Brands, Iittala Group, Inha Works, and the    
Real Estate Group. Fiskars holdings in associated company Wärtsilä is also an   
important part of Fiskars Corporation. In 2006, the net sales of Fiskars        
Corporation was EUR 535 million, its operating profit EUR 86 million. The       
Corporation employed some 3,000 people around the world.