Growth Strategy

Fiskars Group’s Growth Strategy outlines the strategic choices that will put the company on a healthy path of organic growth and profitability improvement.

The strategic logic is clear: the company focuses on winning brands, winning channels, and winning countries.

The Growth Strategy consist of four transformation levers; commercial excellence, direct-to-consumer, the U.S. and China. These levers will transform Fiskars Group across brands, channels, and countries.

The growth enablers for the strategy are people, digital, innovation & design, and sustainability. These enablers are at the core of Fiskars Group, and they are critical for executing the Growth Strategy.

Fiskars Group is now halfway through its strategy period and continues the transformation journey while increasing precision in strategy execution. The Group has sharpened its portfolio logic to further accelerate the company profile improvement and has set clear roles for each brand. The Group has also taken several steps to simplify the way it operates to enable teams to execute the strategy faster. Find out more: Fiskars Group Capital Markets Day 2023.

Simplified way of operating

We accelerate strategy execution through a simplified set-up and end-to-end accountability.

  • Business Areas are business owners with full P&L accountability
  • Scalable platforms, such as sourcing & logistics and digital & IT, support the business areas
  • The Group is an active portfolio manager that allocates resources to brands

Clear roles set for each brand

Make the big brands bigger

  • Accelerate: Over-invest to grow DTC first, across key cities & categories
  • Anchor: Unlock Fiskars brand potential, and focus

Drive value creation as per brand role

  • Maximise potential: Self-funded growth
  • Optimize: Profit first to step up performance
  • Utilize tactically: Complement brand portfolio locally