Against throwaway culture

We fight throwaway culture by developing circular solutions to extend the joy they provide and to minimize the strain on the planet.

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We are committed to fighting throwaway culture. With circular solutions, we can extend the joy our products and services bring, minimizing the strain on our planet.

Circular business models create value by keeping products and materials in circulation instead of discarding them. For us, circularity can be renting, recycling, reusing, repairing, repurposing – our creativity is the limit.

Our design is created to last. We want to attract people with unique visual appeal, unparalleled quality, and extraordinary attention to detail. We want to make sure our products are never thrown away.

Our focus areas and targets for 2030

We take a circular approach to how we do business  

  • The majority of our net sales comes from circular products and services 

We promote and explore new business models 

  • Circularity is fully integrated into our innovation processes 
  • We have a global concept in use to take back and recycle, reuse, and resell products from all our main brands 

We use fully circular and sustainable materials in our operations, products, and packaging 

  • 100% of our packaging is renewable, preferably recycled, and further recyclable 
  • 100% of waste from our own operations is recovered or recycled; zero waste goes to landfill


We aim to increase the use of recycled or renewable materials in our products. We continuously explore new, sustainable materials to boost the circularity of our products and materials and to minimize our waste.

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New business models

The old linear business models are becoming a thing of the past. We want to work with the people who use our brands to create new circular models that help us better protect our planet as we make the everyday extraordinary.

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Zero waste

By carefully choosing and developing our raw materials and recycling, reusing, and repurposing all waste we generate, we can make sure we send nothing to landfill.

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Our Vintage service invites people to buy and sell pre-loved tableware through our channels. All our stores in Finland and Sweden already offer the Vintage service.

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Responsible water usage

We use water responsibly. We aim to minimize and optimize the use of water in our operations and manufacturing units. We have specific water-saving goals set for all water-intense processes.

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To learn more about our sustainability commitments, targets, and actions, please see our Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainability Report 2021