Five years in figures

Net salesEUR million1,116.21,090.41,118.51,185.51,204.6
   of which outside FinlandEUR million1,021.9977.51,006.61,073.11,102.0
   in percent of net sales   %91.589.690.090.581.1
   export from FinlandEUR million20.120.219.522.824.3
Percentage change of net sales   %2.4-2.5-5.6-1.68.8
Gross profitEUR million452.0447.3485.1512.2502.9
   in percent of net sales   %40.541.043.443.241.7
EBITA*EUR million125.872.9112.5113.296.7
   in percent of net sales   %11.36.710.19.58.0
Comparable EBITA*EUR million136.890.6121.7119.0107.1
Change in fair value of biological assetsEUR million0.7-
Financial items netEUR million-
   in percent of net sales   %-
Profit before taxesEUR million89.863.2103.0217.892.8
   in percent of net sales   %
Income taxEUR million-21.3-10.821.1-50.8-27.4
Profit for the period attributable to the equity
holders of the company
EUR million67.651.781.6166.464.1
   in percent of net sales   %
Non-controlling interests’ share of profitEUR million0.
Employee benefitsEUR million262.9311.9307.9315.3337.1
Depreciation, amortization and impairmentEUR million76.159.643.838.837.4
   in percent of net sales   %
Cash flow from operating activitiesEUR million199.296.5105.9103.883.8
Capital expenditureEUR million30.
   in percent of net sales   %
Research and development costs in income statementEUR million16.518.418.418.818.0
   in percent of net sales   %
Capitalized development costsEUR million0.
Equity attributable to equity holders of the companyEUR million757.8760.91,207.01,269.41,218.1
Non-controlling interestEUR million3.
Equity totalEUR million761.6764.51,209.71,272.11,220.1
Net interest-bearing debtEUR million143.7261.1135.4147.7152.4
Working capitalEUR million134.2194.4197.0195.9217.8
Balance sheet totalEUR million1,342.01,364.31,719.21,837.91,760.1
Return on investment   %
Return on equity   %
Equity ratio   %56.856.070.469.369.3
Net gearing   %18.934.211.211.612.5
Personnel (FTE), average 6,1046,8407,3047,7098,000
Personnel, end of period 6,4116,9847,7067,9328,560
   of which outside Finland 5,3485,8526,5816,8067,336