Shareholders' agreements

On December 29th, 2017, Fiskars Corporation received information regarding a shareholders’ agreement concerning ownership in the issuer and voting behavior of the persons subject to the notification obligation. The direct and indirect ownership of Turret Oy Ab and Holdix Oy Ab has exceeded the 25 percent threshold on December 29, 2017. Turret Oy Ab, Holdix Oy Ab and the closely associated persons hold in total 23 883 711 shares in Fiskars Corporation, which corresponds to 29.16 per cent of all shares and votes in Fiskars Corporation. The co-operation comprises a shareholders’ agreement between Turret Oy Ab and Holdix Oy Ab which the closely associated persons have undertaken to comply with as applicable. The closely associated persons comprise Paul Ehrnrooth, Jacob Ehrnrooth and Sophia Ehrnrooth, all of whom are closely associated with Turret Oy Ab, as well as Elsa Fromond, Louise Fromond and Anna Fromond, all of whom are closely associated with Holdix Oy Ab. Within the framework of the shareholders’ agreement the parties are expected, through the ownership co-operation, to form a united view on how the rights of the parties as shareholders of Fiskars Corporation should be exercised. Furthermore, the parties have agreed on a pre-emption right in case a shareholder wishes to sell shares in Fiskars Corporation. The agreement also contains a number of other terms and conditions customary in this kind of ownership co-operation. The parties have no intention of making a tender offer for Fiskars Corporation and the aggregate ownership will, in accordance with the current strategy, remain below 30 per cent.

On May 26, 2016, Fiskars Corporation received information according to which Paul Ehrnrooth, Turret Ab Oy, Jacob Ehrnrooth and Sophia Ehrnrooth have signed a shareholders’ agreement where all parties have agreed to vote in Fiskars Corporation’s General Meetings in accordance with the position of Turret Oy Ab. The parties of the shareholders’ agreement have agreed on a mutual pre-emption right, if any of the parties plans to sell Fiskars Corporation’s shares.

Fiskars is not aware of any other shareholders’ agreements.