Markets and customers


Fiskars Group’s brands are present in more than 100 countries. The Group reports net sales for three geographies: Europe, Americas and Asia-Pacific.

In 2023, Europe accounted for 49%, Americas 32% and Asia-Pacific 19% of the Group’s total net sales. Fiskars Group focuses on countries with high growth potential and a strong existing presence. The United States and China are two of Fiskars Group’s strategic growth levers. The U.S. is Fiskars Group’s largest country by sales, accounting for 30% of net sales in 2023. In China, Fiskars Group focuses on spearheading its luxury brands through a repeatable model, as well as strengthening the 1# position of Wedgwood in the market.


Fiskars Group serves wholesale customers as well as consumers directly through its own stores and e-commerce platforms. Fiskars Group’s customer profile is diversified with no single customer accounting for over 5% of total net sales.


Serving end-consumers in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels, i.e. own stores and own e-commerce is a strategic growth lever for Fiskars Group. In 2023, DTC sales amounted to 25% of the Group’s sales.

The Group has close to 450 own stores around the world, a majority of them in the Asia-Pacific region. The stores can be categorized into stores, outlets and concessions. In addition to physical stores, own e-commerce is a key DTC focus area where Fiskars Group leverages its central capabilities.


Wholesale is Fiskars Group’s largest channel generating close to 70% of the company’s sales. This channel includes e.g. sales to major retailers via their physical stores as well as their e-commerce platforms. In wholesale, Fiskars Group focuses on winning with the winners – the Group invests in relationships with key wholesale partners.

In addition to DTC and wholesale, Fiskars Group also serves customers via other smaller indirect channels such as B2B sales, i.e. businesses making purchases for their own use, and hospitality sales for tourism and travel purposes.