Report misconduct

It is important for the Fiskars Group to act ethically and to comply with laws and regulations in its operations. Our partners and their employees can report possible abuses either through the Fiskars Group’s contact person or anonymously.

Submitting a report anonymously

If you would like to submit a report anonymously, you can do so in writing via Ethics & Compliance Helpline or by calling Ethics & Compliance Hotline. The channels are managed by our partner WhistleB Whistleblowing Centre AB. Please note that these channels are not intended for providing customer feedback or to be used in situations where there is an immediate risk to safety.

All reports are processed by our partner with absolute confidence, and it is not possible for Fiskars Group to determine the IP address, phone number or other identifying information of the person submitting the report.

When submitting a report:

Please state or record your observation as closely as possible so that a thorough investigation can be carried out.

If you call Ethics & Compliance Hotline by phone, you will receive a six-digit code when you are giving your report. You will need to save this code. The code allows you to return to the issue and receive an assessment.

Your report will be responded to within seven days of its submission.

Be sure to check your reporting channel for any additional questions after seven days.