FISKARS FINANCIAL STATEMENT BULLETIN 2007                                       
The figures stated in this bulletin are audited.                                


Highlights of the fourth quarter:                                               
- Net sales increased and were EUR 191.8 million (125.1) 
- Operating profit before income from associated company Wärtsilä improved and
was EUR 14.0 million (2.3)
- Iittala's net sales in the fourth quarter were EUR 71.4 million and its 
operating profit was EUR 8.5 million                                            
- Income from associate Wärtsilä was EUR 16.7 million (17.7) 
- Earnings per share was EUR 0.41 (0.12) 

The Board proposes a dividend for the fiscal year 2007 of EUR 0.80 per share of 
Series A and EUR 0.78 per share of Series K.                                    

FISKARS CORPORATION HIGHLIGHTS                                                  
| EUR million           | Q4/ 2007   | Q4 / 2006   | 1-12/2007   | 1-12/2006   |
| Net sales             | 191.8      | 125.1       | 658.1       | 534.9       |
| Operating profit from | 14.0       | 2.3         | 66.3        | 27.2        |
| wholly-owned          |            |             |             |             |
| businesses            |            |             |             |             |
| Income from associate | 16.7       | 17.7        | 43.3        | 58.6        |
| Operating profit      | 30.7       | 20.0        | 109.5       | 85.8        |
| Profit before taxes   | 34.1       | 18.5        | 122.5       | 76.7        |
| Net profit for the    | 31.9       | 9.5         | 110.0       | 82.0        |
| period                |            |             |             |             |
| Earnings/share from   | 0.41       | 0.12        | 1.42        | 0.86        |
| continuing            |            |             |             |             |
| operations, EUR       |            |             |             |             |
| Earnings/share,       | 0.41       | 0.12        | 1.42        | 1.06        |
| total, EUR            |            |             |             |             |
| Cash from operations  |            |             | 86.5        | 99.0        |

THE FOURTH QUARTER                                                              
Net sales of the fourth quarter grew mainly because of acquisitions; of the net 
sales of EUR 191.8 million (125.1), Iittala represented EUR 71.4 million and    
Leborgne EUR 3.7 million.                                                       

Operating profit increased and was EUR 30.7 million (20.0). Iittala performed   
right on plan and its share of the operating profit was EUR 8.5 million,        
including EUR 3.3 million costs from PPA. Iittala's business is seasonal and a  
major part of both sales and operating profit is generated during the fourth    
quarter. Fiskars Brands profitability improved significantly; its operating     
profit was EUR 10.4 million (0.0). The operating profit for the corresponding   
period last year includes non-recurring restructuring costs of EUR 4.2 million. 
The operating profit for the Real Estate Group was EUR -0.1 million (2.4). The  
price of standing timber began to decrease at the end of the year.              

Purchase of Wärtsilä Series A shares and the simultaneous divestment of Wärtsilä
B shares was continued during the fourth quarter and a gain of EUR 6.9 million  
is recognized.  Net financial costs increased and were EUR 3.5 million (1.5) due
to the financing of Iittala acquisition. Taxes were EUR 1.8 million (9.3). The  
profit for ordinary shareholders during the fourth quarter was EUR 31.9 million 
(9.5) and the earnings per share of equity holders was EUR 0.41 (0.12).         

REPORT BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2007                                           

Highlights of the fiscal year  2007                                             

Fiskars Corporation's net sales increased by 23% to EUR 658.1 million (534.9).  
The structure of Fiskars Corporation changed significantly through acquisitions:
Iittala Group was consolidated as from August 31, and Leborgne S.A. as from May 
1, 2007 onwards. Iittala is a separate business segment within the Corporation  
and Leborgne is included in Fiskars Brands. The acquisitions increased net sales
by EUR 97.8 million.                                                            
The Corporation's profitability increased significantly. The operating profit   
for wholly-owned businesses was EUR 66.3 million (27.2) or 10.1% of net sales   
Wärtsilä A shares were purchased and the same number of Wärtsilä Series B shares
were divested, resulting in a gain of EUR 23.7 million (0). The earnings per    
share was EUR 1.42 (1.06). The earnings per share for continuing operations was 
EUR 1.42 (0.86).                                                                

The key figures are available under Five Years in Figures.                      


Fiskars Brands                                                                  
Fiskars Brands net sales increased by 5.3% and were EUR 515.7 million (489.9).  
The profitability of operations increased significantly, with operating profit  
at EUR 52.2 million (21.1), rising to 10.1% of net sales from 6.5% last year.   
The previous year's included non-recurring restructuring costs of EUR 10.6      
million. Sales in Europe totaled EUR 256.1 million (214.3) and US sales were EUR
216.5 million (233.5). European sales constituted 49.7% of sales (43.7) with the
US share being 42.0% (47.7).                                                    

Net sales increased due to acquisitions. The Silva Group acquired at the end of 
August 2006, increased annual sales by EUR 24.8 million. The acquisition in May 
2007 of Leborgne S.A., the French manufacturer and seller of garden tools,      
increased net sales by EUR 10.5 million. Gerber's sales in the US outdoor       
recreation market continued its organic growth. The available outdoor recreation
product range has grown, particularly in large retail chains, and early in the  
year Fiskars Brands received a significant supply contract to the US authorities
and military. The weakening of the US dollar decreased net sales, but with      
constant exchange rates sales would have increased by 9.7%. Streamlining the    
product range in the US Garden division lowered net sales by EUR 16.9 million   
from the previous year, while the profitability increased.                      

During the fiscal year, demand was stable in the main market areas for Fiskars  
Brands—North America and North and Central Europe—despite intense price         
competition in the US markets. The one-off marketing effort, at the end of 2006,
to increase sales of garden tools in the United States proved a success. The    
large retail chains mostly make their supplier and stock-keeping-unit selections
based on annual decision-making schedules and major changes are always possible.
New markets have been entered in Eastern Europe and export to the region has    
increased. A Fiskars Brands Inc. branch has been established in China and the   
first shop-in-shops selling Fiskars Outdoor Recreation products have been opened
in high-end department stores.                                                  

Restructuring of the Fiskars Brands own production and increased sourcing, begun
in 2005 and completed early in the fiscal year, together with increased sales of
Outdoor Recreation products during the year, has clearly increased              
profitability, particularly in the United States. Integration of the Leborgne   
operations within the Garden division's operations in Central Europe has        
proceeded according to plan and is strengthening Fiskars' share of these markets
in Central Europe.                                                              

Product development costs were EUR 5.8 million (5.5) or 1.1% of net sales (1.1).
Capitalized development cost were EUR 0.4 million. The new products' share of   
net sales continued to grow.                                                    

Capital expenditure during the fiscal period was EUR 26.6 million (37.5), of    
which EUR 13.2 million were acquisitions (25.6). In Poland the expansion of the 
production facility started. The factory will be producing garden tools mostly  
for the Central European markets. In Finland, investments were made at the      
Billnäs plant, both to develop production and to increase capacity. Most of the 
investments were for tooling for new products. Investments were also made in    
information systems for product life-cycle management.                          

At the end of the fiscal year, Fiskars Brands employed 2,724 people (2,659). The
acquisition of Leborgne S.A. increased the number of employees by 125, while the
increase of production capacity for Gerber outdoor recreation products increased
the number of employees by 42. In the company's other operations in the United  
States, the number of staff continued to decrease.                              

The acquisition of the Iittala Group was closed on August 31, since then Iittala
Group Oy Ab and its subsidiaries (Iittala Group) has been consolidated with     
Fiskars Corporation. Iittala Group is a leading homeware design company that    
represents the best of modern Scandinavian design. Iittala Group's home markets 
are Finland, Sweden, and Norway, and the company has strong brands in Iittala,  
Arabia, Hackman, BodaNova, Höganäs Keramik, Rörstrand, and Høyang-Polaris. At   
the time of the acquisition Iittala Group had subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway,   
Denmark, the Netherlands, the United States, Germany, and Estonia. The total    
purchase price was EUR 230.1 million including the assumption of debt. Of the   
purchase price, EUR 98.1 million was allocated to trademarks, EUR 17.0 million  
to assets related to customer relationships, and EUR 3.9 million to inventories.
The goodwill was EUR 72.5 million. The share allocated to inventories has been  
fully realized during the fiscal year and amortization of EUR 0.4 million has   
been booked for the assets related to customer relationships.                   

Iittala net sales consolidated to Fiskars were EUR 87.3 million and the         
operating profit was EUR 8.8 million. The operating profit before the impact of 
the purchase price allocation was EUR 13.1 million. The development of          
operations during the fiscal period corresponds to the projected plans on which 
the acquisition was based. Iittala Group's net sales for the whole year 2007    
were EUR 200.3 million. Both sales and operating profit are mostly being        
generated towards the end of the year.                                          

Iittala sells its products both to retailers and directly to consumers through  
its network of Iittala stores and factory outlets. Wholesale sales comprise 73% 
of net sales annually, while retail sales represent 27%. During the fall, four  
new Iittala concept stores were opened. At the end of the fiscal year, Iittala  
had a total of 30 Iittala stores in seven countries. In addition to these, the  
company had a total of 38 factory outlets in Finland, Sweden, and Norway.       

Iittala had in 2007 production plants in Helsinki, Nuutajärvi, Iittala,         
Sorsakoski, and Vähäkyrö in Finland; Höganäs in Sweden; and Moss in Norway.     
Iittala has continued to develop its production and sourcing and increased the  
share of sourcing. As part of this process, the closing of the factory in Moss, 
Norway, was completed at the end of the year.                                   

Synergies from Iittala and the Fiskars Housewares businesses are expected both  
in the Scandinavian markets and in purchasing.                                  

Iittala capital expenditure during the latter part of the fiscal year were EUR  
2.1 million and were mainly related to development of production and the opening
of new stores.                                                                  
Product development costs were EUR 0.8 million or 0.9% of net sales. Sales of   
the Taika line of chinaware launched in the second half of the year exceeded    
At the end of the year, Iittala employed 1,443 people. Due to the increase in   
demand towards the end of the year, the number of employees also increased      
somewhat during the fourth quarter.                                             

Inha Works                                                                      
Net sales from Inha Works increased by 13.1% to EUR 42.1 million (37.2). The    
operating profit was EUR 3.3 million (3.7). Sales of boats rose strongly,       
particularly in Finland and Russia. The new Buster X has become one of the most 
popular boat models in Finland. Production operated at full capacity throughout 
the entire fiscal year. Delivery of new models was delayed from the planned     
schedule into the year 2008. To ensure that the possibilities for growth would  
be fully exploited, the company invested in an enhanced production strategy.    

During the year, the company developed and launched a new Buster XXL and also   
entered another area of the boat market with their new covered version, the     
Buster XXL AWC (All Weather Cruiser). Product development costs were EUR 0.8    
million (0.6) or 2.0% (1.6%) of net sales and were mostly due to the development
of the new boat models. Capitalized development costs were EUR 0.7 million      

Sales of the non-core products manufactured by Inha Works—hinges and forged     
products— remained on the same level as the previous year. Profitability for    
hinges weakened due to competition and demand decreased towards the end of the  

Capital expenditure totaled EUR 3.6 million (1.2). The biggest investments were 
in production capacity and tooling for new boat models and renewal of the       
company's ERP.                                                                  

At the end of the year, Inha Works had a staff of 306 (301). In the latter half 
of the year, the number of employees working with hinges decreased.             

Real Estate Group                                                               
In addition to leasing real estate to internal and external customers, the Real 
Estate Group manages the Corporation's forests. The change in the market value  
of biological assets is included in net sales. The price of standing timber     
increased until October-November and decreased in December. The value of timber 
increased by EUR 9.8 million (4.8) during the fiscal year. Net sales for the    
Real Estate Group, of which the increase in the value of biological assets      
formed the largest part, were EUR 15.6 million (10.3). The operating profit was 
EUR 11.3 million (7.6). Capital expenditure totaled EUR 1.8 million (1.9). The  
number of staff at the end of the fiscal year was 24 (27).                      

Associated company Wärtsilä Corporation                                         
Fiskars income from associate Wärtsilä was EUR 43.3 million (58.6). Wärtsilä's  
2006 year's profits included non-recurring gains, their impact to Fiskars' share
of the profits being EUR 28.6 million.                                          

At the end of the fiscal year, Fiskars share of Wärtsilä equity was 16.51%      
(16.55) and its share of the votes 32.19% (30.44). During the fiscal year,      
Fiskars acquired 607,757 Wärtsilä Series A shares and divested the same number  
of Series B shares, giving Fiskars an increased share of the votes. The trade in
Wärtsilä shares generated a gain of EUR 23.7 million. The total cost for the    
acquisition of Series A shares was EUR 28.9 million.                            

The book value of Fiskars investment in Wärtsilä at the end of the year was EUR 
278.3 million (239.1), of which EUR 61.2 million was goodwill (37.7). Fiskars   
received a total of EUR 27.7 million in dividends (47.5) from Wärtsilä during   
2007. In December Fiskars sold the main part of its investment in Wärtsilä into 
its wholly owned subsidiary Avlis AB.                                           

At the end of the year, the market value of Fiskars' shares in Wärtsilä was EUR 
833.2 million.                                                                  

Corporate net sales                                                             
Corporate net sales totaled EUR 658.1 million (534.9), an increase of  23%      
versus previous year. Europe's share of net sales was 59.6% (47.7) and increased
due to changes in exchange rates and the acquisitions, which increased net sales
particularly in Europe. The United States generated 34.5% of net sales (44.1).  
The change in the average rate of exchange for the US dollar compared to the    
year before decreased net sales by 4.8%.                                        

Corporate profit                                                                
Corporate operating profit from its own operations was EUR 66.3 million (27.2). 
The previous year's profit includes non-recurring costs of EUR 10.6 million.    
Profitability improved to 10.1% of net sales (7.1). In the United States, the   
restructuring of production within the Fiskars Brands segment in 2006-07        
substantially improved profitability during the fiscal year, and the new Iittala
segment's operating profit, which mainly is derived during the fourth quarter,  
also improved profitability. Fiskars' income from associate Wärtsilä was EUR    
43.3 million (58.6). The operating profit including the income from Wärtsilä was
EUR 109.5 million (85.8).                                                       

Net financing costs were EUR 10.7 million (9.1). Interest costs increased as the
Iittala acquisition was wholly financed by debt.                                

Profit before taxes improved and was EUR 122.5 million (76.7), including gains  
of EUR 23.7 million from the sale of Wärtsilä shares (0).                       

Taxes for the fiscal year were EUR 12.1 million (9.8). The effective tax rate is
relatively low due to gain on the sale of Wärtsilä shares and the income from   
associate Wärtsilä.                                                             

The minority interest was EUR 0.3 million (0.0). The profit for the fiscal year 
attributable to equity holders of the parent company was EUR 110.0 million      
(82.0). The previous year's profit included EUR 15.2 million of profit from     
discontinued operations. The earnings per share attributable to equity holders  
of the company was EUR 1.42 (1.06).                                             

Balance sheet, financing and cash flow                                          

Acquisitions made during the fiscal year have significantly changed the         
structure of the balance sheet.                                                 

The Corporation's net working capital was EUR 156.2 million (104.0). Non-current
assets totaled EUR 713.4 million (460.0). Of this, EUR 134.0 million were       
intangible assets (19.2), and EUR 99.8 million goodwill (22.4).                 

The Corporation's liquidity is strong. Cash and cash equivalents at the end of  
the fiscal year were EUR 34.5 million (44.9), in addition to which the          
Corporation had EUR 425 million in unused long-term credit facilities.          

As Iittala and Leborgne acquisitions, totaling  EUR 243.2 million, were financed
with debt interest-bearing net debt increased to EUR 319.0 million (101.9). Debt
includes the capital loan of EUR 45.1 million issued to shareholders in 2004.   

Equity totaled EUR 478.3 million at the end of the fiscal year (421.8). The     
return on invested capital increased to 19.1% (18.1). The Corporation's equity  
to assets ratio was 46% (60) and net gearing 67% (24). Corporation's financial  
position continues to be good.                                                  

Cash flow from operations was EUR 82.0 million (99.0). Net cash used in         
investing activities totaled EUR 183.4 million (10.1), of which acquisitions    
comprised EUR 169.2 million (26.0).                                             

Corporate employed 4,515 people at the end of the fiscal year (3,003). The      
increase by 1,512 employees is due to the acquisition of Iittala (1,443) and    
Leborgne (110). At the same time, there was a geographical shift in personnel   
and the Corporation now employs 1,853 people in Finland (779).                  

During the fiscal year, wages, salaries, and benefits totaled EUR 140.3 million 

The key figures are available under Five Years in Figures.                      

Corporate management                                                            
Mr. Heikki Allonen, M.Sc (Eng), was CEO and President until December 31, 2007.  
On August 13, 2007, Fiskars Board of Directors appointed Mr. Kari Kauniskangas, 
M.Sc (Econ), to become CEO and President of Fiskars Corporation at the beginning
of 2008.                                                                        

Corporate Governance                                                            
Fiskars complies with the Corporate Governance Recommendation for Listed        
Companies of the Helsinki Stock Exchange, the Central Chamber of Commerce and   
the Confederation of Finnish Industry and Employers, which came into force July 
1, 2004.                                                                        

Fiskars also complies with the insider regulations of the Helsinki Stock        
Exchange adopted on January 1, 2006. The Corporation further applies internal   
insider guidelines as adopted on July 1, 2006.                                  

Management of risks and uncertainties                                           
The most important operational risks for Fiskars relate to supply-chain         
management, the potential structural changes in the retail environment of       
various markets, and also in part to the development of the prices of raw       
materials and energy and the ability to foresee changes in demand. Particular   
efforts are made to improve supply-chain management and build ties with         
suppliers as sourcing is increased in accordance with the Corporation strategy. 
In order to mitigate possible problems with the supply and logistics, the       
Corporation has also increased inventories. The potential structural changes in 
distribution channels are seen to represent a risk, and operations are required 
to increase flexibility and the ability to plan ahead. Changes in the costs of  
raw materials directly influence the cost of the company's own manufacturing and
indirectly purchasing costs. The price increases for energy impacts on the cost 
of the Corporation's own manufacturing processes as well as the cost of         
logistics and indirectly purchasing costs. The Corporation has not used         
raw-material derivative instruments, but strives to make long-term contracts    
with key suppliers of raw materials.                                            

The nature of the company's industrial operations is mainly such that they pose 
no significant environmental risks. Changes in environmental regulations and    
changes in production capacity or structure may cause additional costs at some  
of the older production facilities. The company is committed to complying with  
legislation and statutes for the protection of the environment and strives to   
develop its production and modes of operation in ways that minimize their burden
on the environment.                                                             

The development of associated company Wärtsilä's profitability has a significant
impact on Fiskars' results, with the associated company's ability to pay        
dividends influencing Fiskars' cash flow.                                       

Fiskars Board of Directors regularly reviews the principles for the management  
of financial risks and in accordance with the Corporation's investment policies,
liquid assets are only invested in low-risk entities. Trade receivables are     
relatively widely spread both geographically and between customers, and major   
customers generally have a high credit rating. No significant credit losses have
materialized during the review period.                                          

The increasing share of imports from low cost countries indirectly involves a   
higher risk against the suppliers' currencies, mainly Chinese Renminbi (CNY).   
The Corporation has hedged a certain part of its most significant foreign       
currency net investments in its subsidiaries against exchange rate fluctuations 
and as from January 1, 2007, it has applied hedge accounting in accordance with 
the IAS 39 standard. An exchange rate gain of EUR 2.5 million on hedges of net  
investments is reported in Shareholders' Equity.                                

The company does not specify environmental costs as they are part of the        
on-going business activities and development of business operations. During the 
fiscal year no significant environmental investments have been made, but when   
production operations are being developed, or replacement or expansion          
investments are made, existing environmental permits and expected changes in    
them are always considered.                                                     

Iittala's production operations are more energy-intensive than the rest of the  
Fiskars production. During the fiscal year, environmental responsibility surveys
were completed at all Iittala factories. On the basis of the surveys, there was 
no need to book provisions or contingent liabilities. All production facilities 
have up-to-date environmental permits and production has been organized         

Fiskars Corporation's A shares carry one vote per share, and Series K shares    
carry 20 votes per share.                                                       

The dividend per share paid out on Series A shares shall, according to the      
Corporation's Articles of Association, be a minimum of two (2) percentage points
higher than the dividend paid out on Series K share. The shares have no nominal 
value. The book counter-value for both series of shares is EUR 1.00.            

On December 31, 2007, the Fiskars share capital totaled EUR 77,510,200. The     
share capital consisted of 54,944,492 Series A shares and 22,565,708 Series K   
shares. The share capital and the number of shares were unchanged during the    
fiscal year.                                                                    

The shares of Series A had 54,944,492 votes, or 10.9% of votes, and the shares  
of Series K had 451,314,160 votes, or 89.1% of votes. The total number of votes 
of both series was 506,258,652 at the end of the fiscal year.                   

Purchase and sale of own shares                                                 
The Board of Directors had an authorization to purchase and sell the            
Corporation's shares until the Annual General Meeting on March 21, 2007,        
provided that the total nominal value of such shares and the votes carried by   
them did not exceed ten percent (10%) of the share capital and the total votes  
in the company. At the Annual General Meeting on March 21, the authorization was
renewed without changes. The Board did not exercise its authorization during the
review period.                                                                  

At December 31, 2007, the company held in total 127,512 of its own A-shares and 
420 K-shares. The holding has not changes during the review period, and the     
number of shares equals 0.2% of the entire share capital of the company and     
0.03% of the votes.                                                             

The EUR 0.9 million repurchase cost of the Corporation's own shares decreased   
the Corporation's equity.                                                       

Share prices                                                                    
Fiskars shares are traded on the OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki. The shares were  
moved to the Large Cap Helsinki segment on July 1, 2007. At the end of December,
the price of one Fiskars A share was EUR 13.30 (12.29) and the price of one K   
share EUR 14.45 (12.11). The market value of the Corporation's share capital was
EUR 1,055 million at the end of the fiscal year.                                

Changes in ownership	                                                           
On September 4, 2007, Fiskars Corporation was informed that Virala Oy Ab had    
increased its holdings to more than 1/5 of the voting rights in Fiskars         
Corporation. Holdings of share capital are still more than 1/10. On September 4,
2007, the shares of votes and shares were 20.2% and 11.1% respectively. On      
September 4, 2007, Fiskars Corporation was informed that Varma Mutual Pension   
Insurance Company had decreased its holdings to less than 1/20 of the voting    
rights in Fiskars Corporation. On September 4, 2007, the share of votes and     
shares were 2.7% and 4.3% respectively.                                         

Annual General Meeting 2007                                                     
The Annual General Meeting of shareholders on March 21, 2007 decided to pay a   
dividend of EUR 0.60 per share for Series A shares, totaling EUR 32,890,188, and
EUR 0.58 per share for K shares, totaling EUR 13,087,867, the sum total for both
series of shares being EUR 45,978,055.                                          

It was decided that the number of Board members be nine. Mr. Kaj-Gustaf Bergh,  
Mr. Alexander Ehrnrooth, Mr. Paul Ehrnrooth, Mr. Ralf Böer, Mr. David Drury, Ms.
Ilona Ervasti-Vaintola, Mr. Gustaf Gripenberg, Mr. Karl Grotenfelt, and Mr. Clas
Thelin were elected to the Board. The term of the Board members will expire at  
the end of the Annual General Meeting in 2008.                                  

KPMG Oy Ab was elected auditor.                                                 

The Annual General Meeting decided to authorize the Board to repurchase, of the 
company's own shares, no more than 5,366,937 of Series A and no more than       
2,256,150 of Series K shares in a proportion other than that of the             
shareholders' proportional shareholdings. The share price will be no higher than
the highest price paid for Fiskars Corporation shares in public trading at the  
time of repurchase. This authorization shall remain in force until the end of   
the next Annual General Meeting.                                                

The Annual General Meeting authorized the Board to decide on the distribution of
the company's repurchased shares up to a maximum of 5,494,449 Series A shares   
and up to a maximum of 2,256,570 Series K shares. The Board may decide on the   
distribution of the shares otherwise than in proportion to the shareholders'    
existing pre-emptive subscription rights. This authorization shall remain in    
force until the end of the next Annual General Meeting.                         

Constitutive meeting of the Board of Directors                                  
Convening after the Annual General Meeting, the Board elected Kaj-Gustaf Bergh  
its chairman and Alexander Ehrnrooth and Paul Ehrnrooth vice chairmen. The Board
decided to establish an Audit Committee, a Compensation Committee, and a        
Nomination Committee.                                                           
The Board appointed Gustaf Gripenberg chairman of the Audit Committee, with     
David Drury, Ilona Ervasti-Vaintola, Alexander Ehrnrooth, and Paul Ehrnrooth as 
its other members.                                                              
The Board appointed Kaj-Gustaf Bergh chairman of the Compensation Committee with
Ralf Böer, Karl Grotenfelt, and Clas Thelin as its other members. The Board     
appointed Kaj-Gustaf Bergh chairman of the Nomination Committee, with Alexander 
Ehrnrooth and Paul Ehrnrooth as its other members.                              


The distributable equity of the Parent Company at the end of the fiscal year    
2007 is EUR 894,8 million (287,9).                                              

For 2007 the Board of Directors proposes a dividend of  EUR 0,80 per share of   
Series A and EUR 0,78 per share of Series K. The dividend entitling shares      
numbered 54 832 377  Series A shares and 22 565 288 series K shares, totaling 77
397 665 shares. Thus the dividend distribution would be:                        

                      number of shares / EUR per share / total
Shares of Series A,         39,153,566   0,80            42 769 254,06
Shares of Series K,         22 565 288   0,78            18 052 230,40
Dividend distribution in total                           60 821 484,46

This leaves EUR 866 965 449,47 of unused profit funds at the Parent Company.    

No material changes have taken place in the financial position of the Company   
after the end of the fiscal year. The financial standing of the Company is good 
and according to the Board of Directors assessment the proposed dividend        
distribution does not compromise the Company's solvency.                        

OUTLOOK  2008                                                                   

The general market outlook for 2008 is uncertain. Especially, the US market is  
expected to be weaker than in 2007. In Europe the economic climate is cautious. 

Fiskars Corporations net sales are expected to increase during 2008 largely due 
to the effect of the Iittala acquisition that closed in the Fall of 2007.       
The underlying profitability of our wholly-owned business is expected to        
continue to improve                                                             
but the net profit is not expected to be on the same level as the previous year 
due to the following reasons; 2007 results included a non-recurring capital gain
of  EUR 23.7 million as the company acquired Wärtsilä A shares and              
simultaneously sold an equal amount of  Wärtsilä B shares.In addition, the Real 
Estate business realized a gain of EUR 9.8 million due to the price increases of
standing timber.                                                                

The financial costs will increase due to the financing of Iittala and Leborgne  

The associated company Wärtsilä will have a big impact on the Corporation's     
profit and cash flow.                                                           

Fiskars financial statement bulletin 2007                                       

This interim report has been prepared in accordance with IAS 34 Interim         
Financial Reporting. Using the same accounting principles and methods of        
computation as for the annual financial statements for 2006 with the exception  
of hedge accounting being applied on foreign currency net investments in        
subsidiaries and changes in the market price for electricity.                   

Use of estimates                                                                
Complying with the IFRS standards in preparing financial statements requires the
management to make estimates and assumptions. Such estimates affect the reported
amounts of assets and liabilities, the disclosure of contingent assets and      
liabilities, and the amounts of revenues and expenses. Although these estimates 
are based on the management's                                                   
best knowledge of current events and actions, actual results may differ from    
these estimates.                                                                
As of January 1, 2007, Fiskars has applied the following new or amended IFRS    
IFRS 7 Financial Instruments: Disclosures.                                      
Amendment to the IAS 1 standard: Presentation of Financial Statements - Capital 
IFRIC 9 Reassessment of Embedded Derivatives.                                   
IFRIC 10 Interim Financial Reporting and Impairment.                            
The adoption of new and revised standards and interpretations does not have any 
material effect on the financial statements.                                    

Annual General Meeting                                                          
The Fiskars Corporation Annual General Meeting 2008 will be held at The Helsinki
Fair Centre on Tuesday March 25, at 3.00 p.m.                                   

Kari Kauniskangas                                                               
President and CEO

CONSOLIDATED INCOME STATEMENT   10-12  10-12    chg   1-12   1-12    chg
                                  2007   2006     %    2007   2006     %
                                 MEUR   MEUR          MEUR   MEUR

NET SALES                        191.8  125.1     53  658.1  534.9     23

Cost of goods sold              -127.9  -87.7     46 -437.8 -376.8     16
GROSS PROFIT                      63.9   37.4     71  220.3  158.1     39

Other operating income             2.3   -0.8    374    5.8    1.3    358
Sales and marketing expenses     -35.4  -19.0     86  -99.4  -71.9     38
Administration expenses          -10.8  -11.3     -4  -48.8  -45.3      8
Research and development costs    -2.4   -1.8     38   -7.4   -6.1     21
Other operating expenses          -3.5   -2.3     47   -4.2   -9.0    -53
Income from associate             16.7   17.7     -6   43.3   58.6    -26
OPERATING PROFIT                  30.7   20.0     54  109.5   85.8     28

Gain on sale of Wärtsilä shares    6.9                 23.7
Financial income                   0.3    1.1    -74    3.0    1.8     66
Financial expenses                -3.8   -2.6     50  -13.7  -10.9     26
PROFIT BEFORE TAXES               34.1   18.5     84  122.5   76.7     60

Income taxes                      -1.8   -9.3    -81  -12.1   -9.8     23
PROFIT FROM CONTINUING OPERATIO   32.3    9.2    250  110.4   66.9     65

Profit from discontinued oper.            0.3                 15.2
PROFIT (LOSS) FOR THE PERIOD      32.3    9.5    239  110.4   82.0     35

Attributable to:
Equity holders of the Parent Co   31.9    9.5    236  110.0   82.0     34
Minority interest                 -0.3    0.0          -0.3    0.0
                                  32.3    9.5         110.4   82.0

Earnings for Equity holders of the Parent Company
per share, euro                   0.41   0.12          1.42   1.06
  continuing operations           0.41   0.12          1.42   0.86
  discontinued operations                0.00                 0.20

Earnings per share is undiluted. The company has no open option programs or
other earnings diluting financial instruments.

CURRENCY RATES                          1-12   1-12    chg
                                         2007   2006     %
USD average rate (I/S)                   1.37   1.26     16
USD end-of-period (B/S)                  1.47   1.32     12

CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEET              12/07  12/06   chg
                                        MEUR   MEUR      %

Intangible assets                       134.0   19.2    598
Goodwill                                 99.8   22.4    346
Tangible assets                         121.7   98.7     23
Biological assets                        44.9   35.0     28
Investment property                       8.4    8.7     -3
Investment in associate                 278.3  239.1     16
Other shares                              3.0    5.0    -41
Other investments                         2.3    1.5     53
Other long-term tax receivables           0.3    5.5    -95
Deferred tax assets                      20.6   24.9    -17
NON-CURRENT ASSETS TOTAL                713.4  460.0     55

Inventories                             173.7  114.6     52
Trade receivables                       115.2   82.7     39
Other receivables                        10.4    5.0    107
Cash and cash equivalents                34.5   44.9    -23
CURRENT ASSETS TOTAL                    333.8  247.2     35

ASSETS TOTAL                           1047.1  707.2     48


SHAREHOLDERS' EQUITY                    478.3  421.8     13

Interest bearing debt                   124.6  120.7      3
Non-interest bearing debt                 4.7    2.6     82
Deferred tax liabilities                 51.7   20.8    149
Pension liability                         9.4   12.8    -27
Provisions                                6.2    4.2     47
NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES TOTAL           196.7  161.1     22

Interest bearing debt                   228.9   26.1    776
Trade payable and
other non-interest bearing debt         139.4   92.6     51
Income tax payable                        3.8    5.7    -33
CURRENT LIABILITIES TOTAL               372.1  124.4    199


CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT                         1-12   1-12
OF CASH FLOWS                                   2007   2006
                                               MEUR   MEUR
Net profit before taxes                        122.5   76.7
Adjustments for
  Depreciation                                  23.2   28.6
  Gain/loss on sale of non-current assets      -26.1    0.0
  Income from associate                        -43.3  -58.6
  Investment income                             -3.0   -0.8
  Interest expense                              13.7    9.9
  Chg in value of biological assets            -10.0   -5.0
Cash generated before working capital changes   77.0   50.8

Change in working capital
  Change in interest free assets                -9.7   -5.4
  Change in inventories                         -1.5    7.6
  Change in interest free liabilities           11.4    7.6
Cash generated before financing and taxes       77.2   60.6

Dividends from associate                        27.7   47.5
Dividends received, other                        0.1    3.6
Financial costs paid (net)                     -11.8   -7.4
Taxes paid                                     -11.2   -5.1

Acquisitions                                  -169.2  -26.0
Net change in shares in associate               -0.1
Capital expenditure                            -20.5  -19.3
Proceeds from sale of fixed assets               2.4    5.4
Sale of other investments                        4.1    2.2
Capital expenditure in other investments         0.0   -5.3
Cash flow from discontinued operations                 33.0

Proceeds from l/t borrowings                     0.6   15.0
Repayment of l/t borrowings                     -0.1   -4.6
Proceeds from (payment) of) s/t borrowings     137.6  -21.4
Payment of financial leases liabilities         -1.8   -2.8
Cash flows from other financing items            0.9    0.1
Dividends paid                                 -46.0  -57.1

CHANGE IN CASH (A+B+C)                         -10.2   18.2

Cash at beginning of period                     44.9   21.7
Translation difference                          -0.3    5.0
Cash at end of period                           34.5   44.9

STATEMENT OF CHANGES IN        Equity holders of the parent companMinorit Total
SHAREHOLDERS' EQUITY                          Other Cumul.        interest
                                Share    Own reser- transl.Retain.
                               capitalshares    ves  diff.  earn.
                                 MEUR   MEUR   MEUR   MEUR   MEUR   MEUR   MEUR
Dec 31, 2005                      77.5   -0.9   24.7    1.2  300.3    0.0  402.7
Translation differences                                -2.0                 -2.0
Change in fair value reserve, associate         -3.1                        -3.1
Other changes in associate                             -0.7   -0.1          -0.8
NET INCOME RECOGNISED DIRECTLY IN EQUITY        -3.1   -2.7   -0.1    0.0   -5.9
Net profit for the period                                     82.0    0.0   82.0
EXPENSE FOR THE PERIOD                          -3.1   -2.7   81.9    0.0   76.2
Dividend distribution                                        -57.1         -57.1
Dec 31, 2006                      77.5   -0.9   21.6   -1.5  325.0    0.0  421.8
Translation differences                               -10.4                -10.4
Change in fair value reserve, associate         -0.2                        -0.2
Equity net investment hedges after tax           2.5                         2.5
Other changes                                                         0.1    0.1
NET INCOME RECOGNISED DIRECTLY IN EQUITY         2.4  -10.4    0.0    0.1   -7.9
Net profit for the period                                    110.0    0.3  110.4
EXPENSE FOR THE PERIOD                           2.4  -10.4  110.0    0.5  102.5
Dividend distribution                                        -46.0         -46.0
Dec 31, 2007                      77.5   -0.9   23.9  -11.8  389.1    0.5  478.3

KEY FIGURES                      12/07  12/06   chg
Equity/share, euro                6.18   5.45     13
Equity ratio                       46%    60%
Net gearing                        67%    24%
Equity, meur                     478.3  421.8     13
Net interest bear.debt, meur     319.0  101.9    213
Average number of employees       3324   3167      5
Number of employees eop           4515   3003     50

SEGMENT INFORMATION             10-12  10-12    chg   1-12   1-12    chg
NET SALES                         2007   2006     %    2007   2006     %
                                 MEUR   MEUR          MEUR   MEUR
Fiskars Brands                   111.6  113.0     -1  515.7  489.9      5
Iittala                           71.4                 87.3
Inha Works                         8.7    9.1     -4   42.1   37.2     13
Real Estate                        1.0    3.6    -71   15.6   10.3     52
Unallocated and eliminations      -0.9   -0.6     60   -2.6   -2.4      8
CORPORATE TOTAL                  191.8  125.1     53  658.1  534.9     23

Export from Finland               25.8   15.7     64   78.6   58.9     33

SEGMENT INFORMATION             10-12  10-12          1-12   1-12
OPERATING PROFIT                  2007   2006          2007   2006
                                 MEUR   MEUR          MEUR   MEUR
Fiskars Brands                    10.4    0.0          52.2   21.1
Iittala                            8.5                  8.8
Inha Works                        -0.1    0.8           3.3    3.7
Real Estate                       -0.1    2.4          11.3    7.6
Associate Wärtsilä                16.7   17.7          43.3   58.6
Unallocated and eliminations      -4.7   -1.0          -9.4   -5.2
CORPORATE TOTAL                   30.7   20.0         109.5   85.8

SEGMENT INFORMATION             10-12  10-12          1-12   1-12
DEPRECIATIONS                     2007   2006          2007   2006
                                 MEUR   MEUR          MEUR   MEUR
Fiskars Brands                     4.3    9.2          17.5   25.8
Iittala                            1.9                  2.5
Inha Works                         0.2    0.3           1.2    1.2
Real Estate                        0.4    0.5           1.5    1.4
Unallocated and eliminations       0.2    0.0           0.4    0.1
CORPORATE TOTAL                    7.0   10.0          23.2   28.6

SEGMENT INFORMATION             10-12  10-12          1-12   1-12
CAPITAL EXPENDITURE               2007   2006          2007   2006
                                 MEUR   MEUR          MEUR   MEUR
Fiskars Brands                     4.6    5.1          26.6   37.5
Iittala *)                         2.1                158.2
Inha Works                         0.9    0.6           3.6    1.2
Real Estate                        0.5    0.4           1.8    1.9
Associate Wärtsilä                 8.3                 28.9
Unallocated and eliminations       0.4    0.3           1.6    0.3
CORPORATE TOTAL                   16.7    6.3         220.6   40.8
*) The Group's investment in the segment is included here

GEOGRAPHICAL SEGMENT            10-12  10-12    chg   1-12   1-12    chg
NET SALES BASED ON CUSTOMER       2007   2006     %    2007   2006     %
LOCATION                         MEUR   MEUR          MEUR   MEUR
Europe                           133.0   64.6    106  390.8  257.1     52
USA                               42.4   49.8    -15  221.1  235.2     -6
Rest of the world                 16.4   10.7     54   46.3   42.6      9
CORPORATE TOTAL                  191.8  125.1     53  658.1  534.9     23

Short delivery times are a prerequisite in Fiskars' fields of operations.
Therefore, the backlog of orders and changes in it are not of
significant importance.


Fiskars acquired Iittala Group Plc. on August 31.2007. Iittala designs,
produces and sells homeware, its home markets are Finland, Sweden and
Norway and in addition Iittala has sales companies in United States,
Denmark, Estonia, The Netherlands, Germany and Poland.
Iittala's net sales in 2006 were EUR 189.8 million, operating profit was
EUR 17.0 million and net profit was EUR 7.4 million.
Total assets were EUR 160.5 million and personnel 1 353 at the end of 2006.
Iittala forms a new segment within Fiskars and the consolidated
net sales for the review period was EUR 87.3 million and the operating
profit before eliminations from purchase price allocation was EUR 13.1
million. Iittala and Fiskars have not had any business relations
before the acquisition. The total purchase price including
refinanced debt was EUR 230.1 million.
Purchase price paid in cash has been allocated to assets, liabilities and
contingent, liabilities at their fair value.
Valuation of trademarks is based on the "relief from royalty"
method considering their qualities and significance. Intangible assets comprise
of trademarks, customer relationships and franchising agreements.
Trademarks are not amortized as no economic lifetime can be established.
Customer relationships and franchising business related assets are amortized
during their esimated lifetime of 15 and 10 years respectively.
The part of the purchase price that was allocated to inventory (finished goods)
was fully realized during 2007.
The goodwill from the acquisition relates mostly to the synergies
that will be gained from integrating the businesses.

Purchase price paid in cash                                         116.1
Acquisition related costs                                             1.7
Capital loans from previous owners included in the transaction       44.7
Fair value of acquired assets                                       -90.2
Minority share                                                        0.1
GOODWILL                                                             72.5

Acquired cash and cash equivalents                                   -6.3
CASH IMPACT OF THE ACQUISITION                                      156.1

                                                             book   fair
Non-current assets: tangible assets                           26.0   26.0
Other non-current assets: intangibles and investments          3.8  118.9
Inventories                                                   56.7   60.6
Receivables                                                   19.6   19.6
Cash and cash equivalents                                      6.3    6.3
Deferred tax liability                                        -1.2  -32.1
Capital loans                                                -44.7    0.0
Non-current liabilities                                       -8.9   -8.9
Current liabilities                                         -100.3 -100.3
TOTAL                                                        -42.6   90.2


Fiskars acquired the French company Leborgne S.A. in May 2007.
The company produces garden tools in France and in addition to the French
market sells them in Spain, Belgium and Italy.
The net sales for Leborgne in 2006 was EUR 16 million.
The consolidated net sales in 2007 were EUR 10,5 million.
Leborgne is included in the business segment Fiskars Brands.
The purchase price paid in cash has been allocated to assets, liabilities
and contingent liabilities at fair value.
The purchase price has been allocated to trademark Leborgne,
customer relationships and inventory.
The remaining goodwill relates to synergies within the garden
business in Europe and the acquired product program.

Purchase price paid in cash                                          12.8
Acquisition related costs                                             0.4
Fair value of acquired assets, liabilities and contingent liabilit   -6.5
GOODWILL                                                              6.7

Acquired cash and cash equivalents                                   -0.1
CASH IMPACT OF THE ACQUISITION                                       13.1

                                                             book   fair
Non-current assets                                             0.9    3.2
Inventories                                                    3.2    3.3
Receivables                                                    6.1    6.1
Cash and cash equivalents                                      0.1    0.1
Deferred tax liability                                         0.0   -0.8
Non-current liabilities                                       -0.9   -0.9
Current liabilities                                           -4.5   -4.5
TOTAL                                                          4.9    6.5

If the acquired businesses had been consolidated from the beginning of the year
the proforma consolidated net sales and operating profit for Fiskars
would have been EUR 780 million and EUR 115 million respectively.

                                        MEUR   MEUR
Discounted bills of exchange                       0
Guarantees                                  1
Lease commitments                          53     19
Other contingencies                         7      9
TOTAL                                      62     28

Real estate mortgages                       2      2

Guarantees                                 13     12

Iittala Group has long-term lease commitments for several facilities
in Finland and abroad.


Forward exchange contracts                186     94
Interest rate swaps                        16
Forward interest rate agreements           60
Electricity forward agreements              1


Forward exchange contracts                  0      0
Interest rate swaps                         0
Forward interest rate agreements            0
Electricity forward agreements              0

Forward exchange contracts have been valued at market in the
financial statements.


Fiskars Corporation has in total booked legal fee invoices from Foley & Lardner
for which Ralf Böer is an associate, for EUR 1.6 million