Fiskars Group investing in Digital & IT capabilities

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August 19, 2021 at 10:00 EEST


Fiskars Group investing in Digital & IT capabilities

Fiskars Group is focusing on creating organic growth in the longer term. A strong digital business is a pre-requisite for growth and while the company has invested in this field, it is committed to doing more.
The company’s clear digital ambition entails building strong capabilities within data, direct to consumer and consumer experience online.

“Data is increasingly important for Fiskars Group as it plays an essential role in everything, and we need to be obsessed with data. Advanced analytics, AI, personalization and data-driven decision making are the focus areas when enhancing service towards our consumers and customers. Digital will play a totally different role in our company, and be an integral part in facilitating and driving growth”, says Chief Digital Officer Peter Cabello Holmberg.

As Fiskars Group stated in its half-year financial report 2021, it will need to make upfront investments, starting in the third quarter of 2021. At the same time, Fiskars has also made changes to the current IT operations, including a global partnership with HCL, which will bring savings in 2022 and onwards. The company expects these upfront investments and savings to be broadly cost neutral over time.

Fiskars Group is now starting to implement these upfront investments. Creating a new, stronger and more capable Digital organization is the start. This includes a significant number of new roles, which will be opened gradually. Focus is on Direct to Consumer (DTC), data & analytics and strengthening the architecture capabilities. Later, there will be positions such as data scientists and engineers, operational roles, and additional roles in DTC.



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