Innovation and creativity – Fiskars Corporation participating in the new Land of Technology exhibition as corporate partner

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October 5, 2017 at 13:00 am EEST


Innovation and creativity – Fiskars Corporation participating in the new Land of Technology exhibition as corporate partner

Fiskars Corporation is partnering the Land of Technology exhibition opening on October 10, 2017 at the Museum of Technology in Helsinki, Finland. It is a new permanent exhibition showcasing the significance of technology, industry, and innovations for the modern Finnish society. The exhibition is the first comprehensive general display on the importance and development of technology in Finland.

The starting point of the Land of Technology exhibition is the home. From there the themes expand all the way to infrastructure, manufacturing, raw materials, processes, and recycling. The Land of Technology exhibition features Fiskars’ iconic orange-handled scissors and also exhibits the product development of Fiskars’ Quantum shears and how an idea materializes into a finished product.

“The new permanent exhibition highlights the significance of technology and industry in the development of Finland in an interesting way. Fiskars is world-renowned particularly for its scissors, which are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. The first orange-handled scissors combined plastic and metal. A new grinding technique revolutionized the cutting blade, and the plastic brought entirely new ergonomics to the scissors. Exactly 50 years ago, on October 5, 1967, an important decision was made when a voting was organized within the company and the orange color swept to victory. This iconic product has won a permanent place in the hearts of the consumer. The scissor family continues to grow through new innovations, always listening to the consumer,” says Pekka Salmi, Finland 100 Project Manager at Fiskars and Vice President of Sales Finland at Fiskars.

“The exhibition is founded on solid scientific expertise and a script based on current research in the history of technology. Technology is all around us and we want to present it in a way that inspires everyone from experts to children. The exhibition gives a historical overview, and also takes a look into the future,” says Marjo Mikkola, Museum Director.

The new permanent Land of Technology exhibition at the Museum of Technology is part of the official Finland 100 Years program, in which both Fiskars and the Museum of Technology are participating as official partners. In August, in honor of Finland’s centenary Fiskars donated the calming effect of nature by handing over the 40-hectare park area of Dagmar in Raasepori to Finland for the next hundred years.


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