FISKARS ACQUISITION OF LEBORGNE FINALIZED                                       

Fiskars has strengthened its position in the European garden and hand tool      
market by acquiring the French garden and construction tool manufacturer        
Leborgne. Its net sales in 2006 were approximately EUR 16 million and its staff 
numbered some 120.                                                              

Leborgne was founded in 1829 and has been in the possession of the same family  
for nine generations. Its high quality and innovative tools were used in the    
building of the Suez Canal, among other places. Today, the brand is well known  
among gardeners and construction workers in France, Spain, Italy, and Belgium   

Fiskars high-quality black-and-orange garden tools, which are designed and      
manufactured in Billnäs, Finland, are popular both in the Nordic countries and  
the rest of Europe. In addition to Finland, Fiskars manufactures garden tools in
Norway, Poland and Russia. Fiskars Brands, Inc.'s garden portfolio has produced 
strong growth in the past few years.                                            

The acquisition of Leborgne represents an important addition to the Fiskars     
product range and improves Fiskars' ability to compete in the garden tools      
markets in France. On the other hand, the presence of Fiskars in most European  
countries will offer improved opportunities for the Leborgne products.          

Heikki Allonen                                                                  
President and CEO