Fiskars continues to streamline and organize its structure from the previous    
holding company structure towards a clear operational Branded Consumer Goods    

Fiskars re-organizes its management structure to improve the efficiency of its  
operations. The target is to achieve a clear regional responsibility as well as 
a stronger focus behind each individual business area.                          

The role of the corporate management is further clarified. Fiskars Corporate    
Management will participate actively in the strategic management of all its     

The following are members of the Corporate Management and will report directly  
to Fiskars Corporate President and CEO Kari Kauniskangas:                       

Leena Kahila-Bergh      Vice President, Corporate Communications                
Jutta Karlsson          General Counsel                                         
Hille Korhonen          Vice President, Operations                              
Juha Rauhala            Vice President, Corporate Finance                       

To ensure a world-class supply chain for all of its businesses, Hille Korhonen, 
currently the Group Director, Operations at Iittala Group, has been appointed   
Vice President, Operations for Fiskars Corporation. In this newly created       
position Hille Korhonen will be responsible for group-wide strategy and         
direction in all manufacturing, sourcing and logistics-related matters.         

The new business segments are Americas, EMEA, and Other.                        
In the Americas the Fiskars branded consumer products distribution, logistics   
and consumer preferences are common within different business areas. In the EMEA
area the markets and distribution are more diversified, but from the customer   
point of view the business areas operate in a common environment. In the segment
Other the business logic for Inha Works and Real Estate differ from the EMEA    
segment operations.                                                             

In the new matrix organization the leadership teams are:                        

Francis Kint            President, Garden,                                      
Tero Vähäkylä           President, Homeware                                     
Lars Gullikson          President, Silva (Outdoor Recreation)                   
Elly Piccart            CFO, EMEA                                               

Jason Landmark          President, Outdoor Recreation                           
Chad Vincent            President, Craft                                        
Paul Tonnesen           President, Garden                                       
Jerome Klein            CFO, Americas                                           

Ingmar Lindberg         Executive Vice President, Real Estate                   
Jukka Suonperä          President, Inha Works                                   

Francis Kint will coordinate the global Garden business, Jason Landmark will    
coordinate the global Outdoor Recreation business, and Tero Vähäkylä will       
coordinate the global Homeware business.                                        

Francis Kint, Tero Vähäkylä, Jason Landmark, Chad Vincent, Elly Piccart and     
Jerome Klein will report direct to Fiskars Corporation´s President and CEO.     
Ingmar Lindberg continues as Executive Vice President for Fiskars Corporation.  

In conjunction with the above changes the following other announcements are also
Jim Purdin, President and CEO of Fiskars Brands, Inc., will leave the Company on
March 31, 2008. Until then, he will help facilitate a smooth transition to the  
new structure.                                                                  
Maija Elenius, Vice President, Corporate Control, has decided to leave the      
Company. For the present, Juha Rauhala, Vice President, Corporate Finance, will 
assume the responsibility for the corporate finance management.                 

The new organization structure will have an impact on Fiskars segment reporting 
from Q1/2008 as well as on comparative year and quarters in 2007.               

Fiskars Annual General Meeting will be held on March 25, 2008.                  

Fiskars Q1 will be published on May 8, 2008.                                    

Kari Kauniskangas                                                               
President and CEO                                                               

Founded in 1649, Fiskars is a leading supplier of branded consumer goods.       
Fiskars business areas are: Garden, Homeware, Craft, Outdoor Recreation, Inha   
Works, and the Real Estate Group. Major international brands are Fiskars,       
Iittala, Gerber, Silva, and Buster. The associated company Wärtsilä Corporation 
is also an important part of the Corporation. Wärtsilä is the global leading    
Ship Power Supplier and a major provider of power plants for decentralized power
generation with related services.                                               
In 2007, the Fiskars Corporation net sales were EUR 658 million, the operating  
profit EUR 110 million; while around the world the Corporation employed some    
4,500 people.