The increase of 22 145 770 euro in the share capital of Fiskars
Corporation has been registered with the Trade Register today,
December 9, 2004. The increase in the share capital is based on a
bonus issue resolved at the extra general meeting held on December 3,

The Financial Inspection has on November 23, 2004 granted Fiskars an
exemption order from the obligation to publish a listing document when
applying for public trading for the shares issued in the bonus issue.

The company’s share capital has through the bonus issue been increased
from 55 364 430 euro to 77 510 200 euro. Under the bonus issue were
issued gratuitous two (2) new A shares for five (5) old A shares and
two (2) new K shares for five (5) old K shares. The total number of
new shares issued was 15 698 426 A shares and 6 447 344 K shares.
Following the increase in the share capital the number of the
company’s shares is 54 944 492 A shares and 22 565 708 K shares. The
calculatory nominal value of all the shares is 1.00 euro.

The record date of the bonus issue is on December 9, 2004. The new
shares will be registered on the shareholders’ book-entry accounts on
December 10, 2004. They will carry right to full dividend for the
financial year that began on January 1, 2004 and will carry the other
shareholder rights when the increase in the share capital has been
registered with the Trade Register. The new shares will be subject to
trade on the Helsinki Stock Exchange together with the old shares
beginning on December 10, 2004.

On the shareholders’ book-entry accounts will be registered the number
of shares which will be obtained when the shareholder’s number of
shares is divided with the bonus issue’s subscription ratio. In case
this is not an even number, the fraction exceeding the total number
will be paid to the shareholder as pecuniary consideration. Fiskars
Corporation will on behalf of the shareholders through public trade
sell the remainder of the shares and disburse the contribution
received for the sale to the shareholders on about December 17, 2004.

Juha Rauhala                        Leena Kahila-Bergh
Vice President,                     Vice President,
Corporate Finance                   Corporate Communications