Fiskars turns 375

High quality, creativity and craftsmanship since 1649

Throughout 2024, Fiskars will celebrate its 375th anniversary. Among the oldest brands and companies in the Western world, Fiskars has championed the ageless principles of high quality, timeless design, and unparalleled functionality ever since the company was founded as an ironworks by the Fiskars river in Finland.

During the 375 years, the world and our understanding of its possibilities have changed in countless ways. Breakthroughs in gravity, electricity, healthcare, industrialization, and technology have shaped the everyday – yet, the essentials remain the same. It’s the little things that we do each day that have the potential to make the everyday extraordinary.

Cooking, creating, gardening are at the core of Fiskars’ offering, and the award-winning, ever-creative design team behind the Fiskars brand are endlessly inspired by Nordic minimalism, pure nature, and the opportunity to do things just a bit better.

It would have been tempting to create all kinds of anniversary gimmicks, but when we think about it, the Fiskars brand is never about decorations and unnecessary frills. Instead, we focus on the essentials, and make sure every little detail serves a purpose. The same spirit will guide our anniversary celebrations – we want to honor our heritage with a sharp focus on the things that make us Fiskars”, says Nathalie Ahlström, President & CEO of Fiskars Group.

The anniversary events

Fiskars was founded in 1649 as an ironworks by the Fiskars river, in a place known as Fiskars Village. What’s unique about the company heritage is that the company is still very present in its birthplace, taking part in the everyday of the creative art & design community that has taken over the spaces previously occupied by Fiskars manufacturing.

It’s only fitting that many of the anniversary celebrations will take place at Fiskars Village. During the summer months, the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale will offer inspiring views into architecture, art and design, in the beautifully preserved old village.

Around Easter time and in August, the Fiskars Village will be proud to host the Fiskars Festival Orchestra for a series of world-class performances by the best conductors and emerging talents in classical music.

The company will capture the stories of the vibrant, creative community currently living in Fiskars Village into an anniversary book that talks about slower, more sustainable living, launching in April.

Fiskars brand will be paying homage to some of the most iconic Fiskars products with special anniversary editions. Fiskars is widely considered the very best in axes and scissors, and axes and scissors will play a key role in our anniversary celebrations.

Fiskars employees will get together around the company birthday on October 31st to explore the company history and to give something back.

Further details of the anniversary activities will be shared throughout the year.

Anniversary facts

  • Fiskars was founded as an ironworks by the Fiskars river, which not only powered the company’s manufacturing, but also provided access to the rest of the world.
  • The company was founded by Peter Thorwöste in 1649.
  • The company was listed at the Helsinki Stock Exchange in 1915.
  • Fiskars manufactured the first orange-handled scissors in 1967; the Classic scissors have since become a world-renowned design icon.
  • In 2008 the company started expanding its portfolio of brands, and today, Fiskars Group is known as the global home of pioneering design that makes the everyday extraordinary through brands such as Royal Copenhagen, Wedgwood, Gerber, Iittala, Waterford, and most recently, Georg Jensen.
  • Today, Fiskars Group employs more than 6,000 people, with products available in 100 countries.

More information
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Fiskars The company best known for its iconic orange-handled scissors, and beautifully functional products that are perfect for gardening, creating and cooking, was founded back in 1649 as an ironworks by the Fiskars river in Finland. The river provided Fiskars with waterpower, access points to all over the world, and a name that 375 years later continues to signify high quality, ingenious design, and a deep respect for the nature that sustains us.

Ever since 1649, the company has been present in Fiskars Village, taking part in the everyday of the community that first revolved around Fiskars manufacturing, and since early 1990s, as a unique art and design hub.

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