Stakeholder privacy policy

Updated November 3, 2021

We at Fiskars Group are committed to protecting the privacy of our stakeholders’ personal data. This Privacy Policy informs you how Fiskars Group (“we”) process your personal data. For the purposes of this Policy, we are the controller. This Privacy Policy concerns all Fiskars websites, products and services which collect personal data or which are linked to this Privacy Policy or on which this Privacy Policy is visible. We have a shared stakeholder register and our group companies act as joint controllers for that register.

We believe that you should know what personal data we collect, and how you can affect the collection and use of your personal data. In this Privacy Policy we explain the purposes of collection and use of your personal data as well as how we have ensured that you have adequate control over your own personal data.

We recommend that you read this Privacy Policy carefully as it provides important information about the personal data that we collect.

If you have registered an account with us, please remember to update your information if any changes occur.
Should you have any questions, requests or concerns, you can at any time contact us at Consumer service 

1. What data do we use?

We may collect personal data either directly from you, indirectly from your organization or its representatives, indirectly from your or your organization’s stakeholders, automatically from your devices that interact with our services, or from third party sources as described below.

Information collected directly from you:
• Contact details: your name, email address(es), telephone number, postal address;
• Demographic information: gender, date of birth or age, language, title or degree;
• Any consents, communications and feedback that you provide to us;
• Work-related information provided by you: company/employer’s name and contact details; and
• Social media profiles.

Information collected when our websites or other services are used:
• Your user account identity and registration date (if you are logged in);
• Your browser, operating system, device model, IP-address, time of access and duration of access;
• Cookies and other identification tags; and
• Other information collected based on your consent.

Information collected from other sources:
• If you or your company have connected to any Fiskars website, service or social media channel using your social media profile(s), we may collect the public information available on your social media profile(s);
• We may collect your data from public websites, business cards, electronic communication footer information;
• We may collect information from public registers, if such registers are available in your country, or purchase similar information collected by third parties; and
• Updated delivery and contact information from delivery agents.
Information collected when you visit our premises or stores:
• Surveillance camera footage from cameras placed within our premises and other areas covered by camera surveillance; and
• Any information or consents provided by you to our store personnel.

2. How does Fiskars use your personal data?

As you are in a position of our stakeholder, we use your personal data to establish and maintain a business relationship between you, your company and us. In this respect, we may use your personal data for the following purposes:

• Offering, selling and delivering products as well as planning, supporting and maintaining marketing activities;
• Invoice processing, sourcing, purchasing and contract management activities;
• Other activities we may deem reasonable for creating or nurturing a business relationship between you, your company and Fiskars;
• Product and services development and anonymized reporting;
• Detection, investigation and prevention of unlawful activities; and
• Identifying users, for example any external persons visiting our premises.

3. For how long is your data stored?

Your data is stored as long as it is necessary for the purposes of processing it, including: as long as there is a valid contract or consent between you or your company and Fiskars (unless your employment at the company ends, in which case we may delete your data as soon as we receive information on your departure and the processing of your data is no longer necessary); or we otherwise have a meaningful business relationship or business prospects with your company; the applicable period for limitation of legal claims; and any additional periods required or permitted under applicable law.

4. In what situations is your personal data disclosed to other parties?

We do not disclose or transfer your personal data to third parties except to approved processors and third parties. We do not sell, lease or rent your personal data. Your personal data are adequately protected if transferred internationally.

We disclose your personal data only to the parties indicated below and only for the following reasons:

Affiliates and third party processors. We may disclose your personal data to Fiskars Group companies and authorized third party vendors which process the data for us. All such processing is based on our prior instructions set out in a binding contract that is compliant with the requirements of applicable law and is conducted in accordance with this Privacy Policy. These authorized third parties are not permitted to use your personal data for any purposes other than those described in this Privacy Policy and they are required to keep your personal data strictly confidential.

International transfers. Our services may be provided using resources and servers located in various countries, partly outside of the EU/EEA. Therefore, your personal data may be transferred across international borders outside the country in which you use our services. If personal data of residents of the EU/EEA is transferred outside the EU/EEA, we will ensure that transfer is based on at least one of the transfer principles and bases provided for in Chapter V, GDPR.

Requests based on legislation and protection of our interests. We may be required by the binding requirements of applicable law, or for the purposes of responding to legal proceedings or other lawful requests, to disclose your personal data to authorities or third parties. We may also disclose or otherwise process your personal data in accordance with applicable law to defend our legitimate interests (for example, in civil or criminal legal proceedings) and when combating fraud. We may also provide your personal data to law enforcement authorities based on their request.

Mergers and acquisitions. In the event of any sale, consolidation or reorganization of our businesses (for example mergers and acquisitions), we may disclose your personal data to prospective or actual purchasers or their advisers, where appropriate.

5. On what lawful basis do we process your data?

We collect your personal data based on one or more of the following legal bases:

• we have a legal obligation which obliges us to process your personal data;
• we have a legitimate interest in carrying out the processing for the purpose of managing, operating or promoting our business, and that legitimate interest is not overridden by your interests, fundamental rights or freedoms (“legitimate interests”);
• where you have given your consent to processing of your personal data; or
• the processing is necessary in connection with any contract between Fiskars and you (“contractual necessity”).

6. Do we process the personal data of children?

We do not seek to collect personal data of children. We only enter into contracts with stakeholders who are over 18 years old.

7. How do we protect your data?

We have implemented a variety of appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access, and other unlawful or unauthorized forms of processing. The safeguards include, for example, firewall protection of our systems and storing physical documents in locked and fireproof premises. Further, databases and their backup copies can be accessed only by certain pre-designated persons. All persons processing personal data will need to have an individual accreditation. Only our specifically-authorized personnel or authorized third parties are entitled to access our premises or process data. Anyone who is granted access to your personal data is required to keep such data confidential. Different levels of access have been created based on the type of data a person needs to access or process according to his/her job description.

8. What are your rights and options and how can you use them?

We hope to ensure that the personal data we process are accurate at all times and therefore we encourage you to update your information in your own account when any changes occur.

You may choose not to provide your personal data to us
Some features of our websites and other services may not be fully available to you if you choose not to give us your personal data (e.g. we may not process your orders without the necessary details).

You may access your data
You may request access to, or copies of, your personal data. You may also have information regarding the nature, processing and disclosure of the data.

You may unsubscribe from direct marketing
We include an unsubscribe link in all electronic marketing messages we send to you. You may withdraw your consent to direct marketing at any time. If you do so, we will promptly update our databases, and will not send you further direct marketing, but we may continue to contact you to the extent necessary for the purposes of any products or services you have requested.

You may check and edit your personal data
Should you have an online user account, you may edit your personal data directly yourself. If not, you may contact our Customer Service, which will act upon your request as soon as possible to correct, remove or complete the information which is incorrect, unnecessary, lacking or outdated.

You may block and delete cookies
You have a right to choose which cookies you accept, and amend your choice afterwards. Please visit our Cookie Policy to read more.

You may request the erasure or restriction of processing your data
Should you believe that your personal data is inaccurate, the processing is illegal, we are not processing your data in accordance with the processing purpose or you want to oppose the processing, you may contact our Customer Service team to request the erasure, or restrictions on the processing of your data. Please note that we will investigate your request reasonably promptly, before deciding what action to take.

You may object the processing of your data
You may have the right to object to, on legitimate grounds, the processing of your personal data.

You may withdraw your consent
You may at any time withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data. If your consent is withdrawn, it does not prevent us from processing your personal data based on other lawful bases, such as for requirements set forth for us under applicable laws. However, it should be noted that your account(s) on our web store(s) will be removed, and advantages granted to you via your account will be reset. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of any processing performed prior to the withdrawal.

You may have your data transferred to another provider
You have the right to data portability, which means you may have your personal data transferred to another controller in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, to the extent applicable.

You may lodge a claim with the supervisory authority
Should you believe that our processing of your personal data infringes your legal rights, you may lodge a claim with your local supervisory authority. Please do see a list for supervisory authorities’ websites here (Link to EU Commission’s website). Please visit Section 10 for other than EU countries.

Please note that upon exercising any of the rights listed above, you may be requested to provide additional information for identification purposes. Such additional information shall not be used for any other purpose and will be removed after successful identification.

9. Do we use cookies?

Our websites use cookies. You may block cookies in your browser settings, but some functions of the websites may not work properly without cookies. For further information, please see our Cookie Policy.

10. Local Terms

A. Notice for California Residents
Fiskars, and each of its separately branded businesses, provides the information contained in this Section 10 to California Consumers to supplement the above notice of Fiskars’ privacy practices, which applies to you to the extent relevant to your use of our services. This section 10.A. only applies to individuals residing in the State of California who are considered “Consumers” under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and from whom we collect “Personal Information” as described in the CCPA.

Sales of Personal Information

As noted in section 4 above, we do not sell consumer personal information as the term is traditionally understood. The CCPA, however, defines personal information broadly so that it could include targeted advertising. So, to the extent selling under the CCPA includes targeted advertising, the following categories of personal information were sold within the last twelve (12) months:

Online identifiers associated with a device use to interact with our digital properties or advertisements (such as device ID, cookies, beacons, pixel tags, mobile ad identifiers, or similar technologies) Internet and other electronic network activity information associated with a device used to interact with digital properties or advertisements

Exercising Access, Data Portability, and Deletion Rights

To exercise your data rights described above, please submit a verifiable consumer request to us by either:
For Gerber customers:
• Calling us at 1-800-950-6161.
• Contacting our Customer Service:
For Fiskars and Gilmour customers:
• Calling us at 1-866-348-5661.
• Contacting our Customer Service:
For Wedgwood, Waterford, Iittala, Royal Copenhagen customers:
• Calling us at 1-877-720-3485.
• Contacting our Customer Service:
• By Mail at: Fiskars Living US, LLC., 1330 Campus Parkway, Wall, NJ, 07753

Only you, or an authorized agent, may make a verifiable consumer request related to your Personal Information. If you are an authorized agent wishing to make that request, please contact our customer service and we will send you a form with the required information.

California residents may only make a verifiable consumer request for access or data portability twice within a 12-month period.

All verifiable consumer requests must:

• Provide sufficient information that allows us to reasonably verify you are the person about whom we collected Personal Information or an authorized representative.
• Describe your request with sufficient detail that allows us to properly understand, evaluate, and respond to it.

Please note that upon exercising any of the rights listed above, you may be requested to provide additional information for identification purposes. We cannot respond to your request or provide you with personal information if we cannot verify your identity or authority to make the request and confirm the personal information relates to you.

Making a verifiable consumer request does not require you to create an account with us. However, we do consider requests made through your password protected account sufficiently verified when the request relates to personal information associated with that specific account.

We will only use personal information provided in a verifiable consumer request to verify the requestor’s identity or authority to make the request. Such additional information shall not be used for any other purpose and will be removed after successful identification.

If you have an account with us, we may deliver our written response to that account. If you do not have an account with us, we will deliver our written response by mail or electronically, at your option.

If we determine that the request warrants a fee, we will tell you why we made that decision and provide you with a cost estimate before completing your request.


Fiskars will not discriminate against you because you exercise your rights. For example, Fiskars will not deny you goods or services or charge you a different price or rate for goods or services if you make a request relating to your personal information.

Browser do not track

Our sites do not support Do Not Track (DNT) at this time. DNT is a privacy preference you can set in your web browser to indicate that you do not want certain information about your web page visits tracked and collected across websites. For more details, including how to turn on Do Not Track, visit

B. Notice for Australia & New Zealand Residents

International Transfers: In relation to Section 4 above, we may disclose your personal data to parties in a number of countries, including Australia, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. From time to time we will need to disclose your personal data to parties in other countries not on this list. This will be on an ad-hoc or case-by-case basis and for the purposes for which we collected your personal data.

Complaints: If you are concerned that we have not complied with your legal rights or applicable privacy laws, you may bring a complaint by contacting our Customer Service team . We will investigate your complaint and a response will be given in writing within a reasonable period. We expect that our procedures will deal fairly and promptly with your complaint. However, if you remain dissatisfied, Australia residents can contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and New Zealand residents can contact the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner:
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner:
New Zealand Privacy Commissioner:
For New Zealand residents, nothing herein shall limit your rights under the Privacy Act 2020.

11. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time and communicate the changes on this site. When we post changes to this Privacy Policy we will modify the “Effective Date” at the top of this Privacy Policy to indicate when such changes have come into effect.