For increased joy

We create a positive impact on the quality of life for people and communities. We want to set an example and inspire people to join us on our mission for the lasting wellbeing of people and the planet.

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In the increasingly complex and unpredictable everyday, people seek balance and wellbeing. The consumer expects high integrity and transparency and will take their business elsewhere if the brand values do not match their personal values. On the other hand, a trusted brand can provide a beacon of trust that helps people navigate the uncertainties.

For us at Fiskars Group, this is an opportunity; we know we can empower people to shape their own everyday into something extraordinary. We know we can be worthy of the trust people show us, inviting us into their homes.

Our focus areas and targets for 2030

Engage our consumers around sustainability

  • Sustainability fully integrated into our key brand and business policies
  • Sustainable brand index for key brands among the top 5

Inspiring our people by leading according to our values

  • The employee engagement score in our employee survey to reflect values-based leadership

Caring for our people by creating a safe and inclusive working environment

  • Zero harm, with zero lost-time accident frequency
  • Employees feel they have good opportunities to learn and grow at Fiskars Group, as measured in our employee survey
  • New joiner (three years or less) attrition rate is equal to the company-wide attrition rate for office employees

Create positive societal impact in the communities we are a part of

  • A coordinated and consistent community engagement program implemented and delivering on targets

Human rights

Human rights are non-negotiable. We respect and uphold human rights in everything we do, and expect the same from everyone working with us. We are part of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), committed to identifying and addressing potential human rights issues, and working against corruption and bribery.

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Health, safety and wellbeing

It is our responsibility to make sure everyone who works for or with Fiskars Group, or visits us at any of our locations, is safe and feels safe. We regularly audit our premises and train our teams to carry out their tasks safely. We foster a culture of caring – not only do we look after our own wellbeing, but also the wellbeing of people around us.

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Fair and equal workplace

Fiskars Group is an equal opportunity employer. We believe diversity in our workforce is essential to a successful business. We condemn any form of racism and discrimination. We support and stand with those who speak out and seek justice. ​

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Diversity and inclusion

We invite people to bring their everyday experiences and viewpoints into the conversation and strive to create an open environment where everyone is listened to and understood. Together, we celebrate diversity in all its forms and embrace all the dimensions that make us unique. By exploring, learning, and creating together, we can make daily life better for each other and the world around us.

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Community engagement

Throughout our history, Fiskars Group has been closely involved in the everyday life of the communities in which we operate. We are interested in and respect the cultures, customs, and values of the local communities. We embrace active and transparent dialogue with our neighbors, civil society organizations and people interested in us. Creative collaboration and meaningful local relationships benefit us all.

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Nature has provided us with valuable resources and sustained our business throughout the years. We have a responsibility to past and future generations to do everything we can to protect the environment and to preserve biodiversity. We take this responsibility seriously as we combat throwaway culture and develop sustainable ways to use, reuse and recycle raw materials.

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To learn more about our sustainability commitments, targets and actions, please see our

Sustainability Report 2021