The compensation of Fiskars Group Leadership Team consists of base salary, a Short-term Incentive plan and Long-term Incentive Plans. For 2021 the Short-term Incentive plan is designed to provide a target bonus equivalent to 40–50% of their annual base salary. The earning criteria are tied to the Fiskars Group’s financial targets and to personal, strategic targets.

Members of the Fiskars Group Leadership Team based in Finland have a voluntary, contribution-based pension insurance under which the Company contributes 16–20% of their prior year annual salaries excluding incentives. Their right to retire vary according to the statutory retirement ages. The retirement benefits of the other Leadership Team members vary according to country practices.

In 2020, salaries, benefits, and incentives paid to the members of the Fiskars Group Leadership Team (excluding the President and CEO) totaled EUR 2,198,755.

Remuneration of the of the Fiskars Group Leadership Team in 2020 (excluding President and CEO)

Basic salary (EUR)1,900,9041,721,044 
Short term incentives payments in 2020 (EUR)162,266472,921 
Long term incentives payments in 2020 (EUR)0335,960 
Taxable benefits (EUR)135,585112,679 
Total (EUR)2,198,7552,642,604 
Voluntary pension contribution
by the company (EUR)

The figures in the table presented on a cash basis. The remuneration of the President and CEO and the rest of the Leadership Team are presented on an accrual basis in the notes to Fiskars financial statements for 2020.

Fiskars Group Leadership Team Members in 2020 (excluding the President and CEO):

  • Tiina Andersson, as of March 17, 2020
  • Christian Bachler
  • James Brouillard, as of April 20, 2020
  • Risto Gaggl
  • Johan Hedberg
  • Tuomas Hyyryläinen
  • Niklas Lindholm
  • Sari Pohjonen
  • Maija Taimi
  • Päivi Timonen

Updated February 19, 2021