Operations & Infrastructure

We are a global team with diverse backgrounds and technical expertise

Operations & Infrastructure at Fiskars Group is here to build, maintain and enhance applications and technical equipment. We also provide support for all lines of business to use these technologies efficiently.

We seek to create business partnerships to support Fiskars Group’s growth ambitions and ensure the agility required to use modern technologies to take advantage of emerging business opportunities. We let innovation, standardization, and frugality drive our strategies to approach technologies.

Ours is a diverse, global team of technical experts who give us the competitive advantage to achieve our fundamental goals every day. And we let our desire to provide the best experience to our internal customers guide our every interaction.

Operations & Infrastructure at a glance

Team Size



Finland, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Romania, Denmark, Poland, Slovenia

Team Roles

IT Managers, IT Service Managers, IT Specialists


SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Cisco, CATO Networks, 4me



Focus Areas

Service management, Continuous Improvement, Cloud Services 

Hear it from the Team

What is the best thing about your job and how would you describe the culture at Fiskars Group?

Bob Tarantino, IT Service Manager, eCommerce, Business Application Services

Hometown: Oregon, Wisconsin, United States | Current location: Middleton, Wisconsin, United States
The best thing is the freedom to be who I am and safely express my thoughts on what I see as opportunities to improve. It’s a unique company in that way, in that even though we are diverse, we all have similar tolerances for listening to one another, as well as our drive towards improving each and every day. The work life balance they offer is tremendous as well. Understanding that allowing people to work within their own comforts can foster performance when managed appropriately.

How would you describe the culture at Fiskars Group and what is the best thing about your job?

Beth Faber, IT Infrastructure Specialist

Hometown: Portland, Oregon, United States | Current location: Portland, Oregon, United States
The culture is driven, focused and passionate, and the best thing about my job is the people. Many of my colleagues are also good friends.